Live Harmoniously in Strathcona County

Discover a balanced lifestyle in Strathcona County, where low-cost living, stunning landscapes, and vibrant communities create an exceptional quality of life.

Stand up paddle boarders enjoy the summer weather.

Natural Beauty

Enjoy the 100’s of kms of bike paths, parks, and outdoor recreational areas that Strathcona County offers, providing a perfect balance between nature and urban living.

A family of five poses together.

Strong Community

Experience a close-knit and welcoming community that values inclusivity and connections, fostering a sense of belonging and support.

An employee works on a computer.

Economic Opportunities

Take advantage of a diverse economy, with job opportunities spanning various industries, making Strathcona County an ideal place for career growth and development.

YEG - Edmonton International Airport.

Proximity to Edmonton

Benefit from the proximity to Edmonton’s urban amenities while still enjoying the quieter and more relaxed pace of life in Strathcona County.

Mother blowing bubbles with baby outside.


Spend Less, Live More

Strathcona County has a consistently higher-than-average household income complemented by a below-average home resale price.

Troika Foods employees working in production.

$148,000 median household income *2020

$499,585 average home resale price

Houses for sale in new community.
A father with his children in the living room of their home.

$1,718 average housing ownership costs

$1,578 average housing rental costs *2022

A couple walks their dog on a sidewalk in a residential area.
Homes in a suburban neighbourhood.

Housing Diversity

Strathcona County offers a diverse range of housing options, from single-family homes to apartments and townhouses, catering to various budgets and preferences.

Grader doing road construction.

Cost-Effective Utilities

The County's utilities and services are competitively priced, providing residents a more cost-effective living environment.

A child sits outside with her scooter in-hand.

Recreational Value

Strathcona County’s numerous free or low-cost recreational activities, parks, and community programs provide residents with affordable entertainment options, enhancing the overall quality of life without straining budgets.

  • Affordable Living

    Inclusionary housing, red tape reduction, and incentive programs make Strathcona County an affordable community.

  • Affordable Services

    Subsidized recreation, transit, counselling, and youth support are available.

  • Healthcare

    Medicare is Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system, and Alberta has its provincial healthcare plan. All Canadian residents have access to hospital and physician services without paying out-of-pocket.

  • Taxation

    The province of Alberta continues to have an overall tax advantage compared to other provinces, with no sales tax, no payroll tax, and no health premium. Strathcona County enjoys lower taxes compared to other municipalities.

A family stands on a park boardwalk overlooking a pond.


Get Out and Explore

Discover a large urban centre surrounded by abundant parks, trails, and family-friendly spaces.

A cyclist rides on a trail toward Festival Place.

187 sports Fields

11 major recreation facilities

Community members enjoy a warm summer's day alongside Broadmoor Lake.
Two birdwatchers walk through a wooded greenspace.

207 kilometres of trails

1,946 hectares of parkland

Two kayakers paddle on the water.
Community members enjoy a warm summer's day alongside Broadmoor Lake.

Cultural Celebrations

Strathcona County hosts many cultural festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating diversity and bringing the community together to enjoy music, food, art, and international traditions.

Children at an outdoor splash pad.

Recreational Facilities

The County boasts state-of-the-art recreational facilities, including sports complexes, swimming pools, and fitness centers - offering residents ample opportunities to stay active and engage in various sports and activities.

People gather to analyze urban planning maps.

Community Engagement

Strathcona County encourages community involvement through neighborhood associations, volunteer programs, and civic engagement initiatives, fostering a strong sense of belonging and participation among residents.

  • Outdoor Recreation

    Revel in various outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, golfing, and kayaking, with the County's extensive park systems, trails, and waterways.

  • Family-Friendly Environment

    Experience a family-oriented atmosphere with numerous parks, playgrounds, and community events, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for children.

  • Health and Wellness

    Embrace a healthy lifestyle with access to fitness centers, wellness programs, and a fully-equipped hospital that caters to physical and mental well-being.

  • Culinary Diversity

    Delight in a diverse culinary scene featuring local eateries, international cuisine, and farmers’ markets, providing various dining options to suit various tastes.

A couple hugging and observing wilderness.

Strathcona County is surrounded by abundant natural landscapes, waiting to be explored.

A man looks through the viewfinder of a camera, capturing astronomical photos.

Arts and Culture

Create, Learn, and Discover

Immerse yourself in a rich cultural scene, with live performances, an insightful museum, engaging local events, and numerous recreational activities to keep you engaged and entertained.

The front entrance of the Community Centre and County Hall.

Four art galleries

One museum and archives centre

Painting in a art gallery display.
Strathcona County Museum and Archives building.

One live performance theatre

One municipal library

Musician playing guitar and singing at Festival Place.
Strathcona County's Shell Rink arena.

Art in Public Spaces

Strathcona County prioritizes public art installations, enriching the urban landscape and promoting cultural expression through sculptures, murals, and interactive installations.

A group of people on a guided nature tour through a forest.

Cultural Workshops and Classes

The county offers a range of cultural workshops, classes, and educational programs, allowing residents to explore new artistic endeavors and deepen their cultural knowledge.

Book shelves in library.

Library Services

Strathcona County’s well-equipped libraries serve as community hubs, providing access to books, digital resources, workshops, and events that foster lifelong learning and cultural engagement for all ages.

  • Vibrant Arts Scene

    Immerse yourself in a rich cultural landscape, with theaters, galleries, and local events that cater to diverse artistic tastes, fostering a vibrant and engaging community.

  • Community Engagement

    Enjoy a strong connection through various cultural gatherings and activities encouraging interaction, collaboration, and a shared appreciation for the arts.

  • Heritage and Natural Preservation

    Experience preserving local history and natural areas through museums, historical sites, and educational programs that provide insight into the region’s past.

  • Digital Connectivity

    Stay connected with advanced digital infrastructure, ensuring seamless access to information, entertainment, and opportunities for networking in today’s interconnected world.

A couple stand in the snow, watching a herd of bison from a distance.